Your server space.

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Your server space.

Post by owen » Wed Jan 16, 2019 11:52 pm

A few weeks ago I setup server space for those who come to the office in Bulacan Philippines. The directory is at

The space can be used to upload and save your drawings and dxf files and mp4 VLOGS. In addition to that you can create your own personal web site. Only a few of you have uploaded files but no one has created their own web site yet so I thought I would give you an idea of what your website could be about.

How about you make your site like a personal portfolio? Like a resume (cv) (autobiography). Think of it as something that you could share with others when they want to know what your talents are. For example:

You could list all of the programs that you've made while participating / working / learning at fbcadcam with screen shots and links to your posts in the forum about your code.

You can list all of your work experience your education in the universities and so forth.

You could put pictures in there of your friends that you're working with at the office.

Start a blog share your thoughts about your particular interests.

There are many things you could add to your website

Anyway those are some ideas for you guys if anybody forgot their password or something just give me a shout I'll help you out or you can ask Arjay. Oh yeah if there are any that don't have server space and would like to have then just let me know.

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