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JULY. 26, 2019

Posted: Sat Jul 27, 2019 6:35 am
by jfiofficial

-Put God First
-FbCadCam Contest (preparing to create our CAD Program using FreeBASIC)
-Make a Software online/offline to Generate Revenue
-Create a Game in FreeBASIC
-Build & Develop a Maslow CNC Machine.
-Build & create using Arduino
-Invite our Facebook Friends to like and know more about the FbCadCam page.
-Learn More About FreeBASIC Programming & GTK
-Help People to know more about FbCadCam


Today is the last day of the OJTs, and we want to thank them for choosing FbCadCam and Share to people what they learn here in the office.
The OJTs submitted their work to Sir Robbie with regards to their portal, System Software and other things.


Sir Glenn & I looking for a reference and to create our CHM file for the GTK and adding it in the CHM help file in FreeBASIC. And to download a CHM file of GTK. The GTk is made in Russian, so we find it to translate it using the CHM editor end still doesn't work.