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AUG. 05, 2019

Posted: Tue Aug 06, 2019 2:36 am
by jfiofficial

-Put God First
-FbCadCam Contest (preparing to create our CAD Program using FreeBASIC)
-Make a Software online/offline to Generate Revenue
-Create a Game in FreeBASIC
-Build & Develop a Maslow CNC Machine.
-Build & create using Arduino
-Invite our Facebook Friends to like and know more about the FbCadCam page.
-Learn More About FreeBASIC Programming & GTK
-Help People to know more about FbCadCam


Today, we continue to build the Software with regards to Sir Owen's Fama Logistic App. Sir Glenn study the Functionalities of GitHub. we tested by connecting the project and for example, i add the information or change it the code.. you can see in the GitHub that the person who changed to code.


I also started to create a simple login form using Ionic 3 software.