I7TH of October 2018

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I7TH of October 2018

Post by yajra1219 » Wed Oct 17, 2018 7:35 am


2.) make a video of the 4th floor
3.) Conduct Training with students
4.)Uploading of the training video.
5.)Organized office equipments

1.) Do online training with Sir Owen.
2.) The training video is still on editing stage.
3.) Manage to buy a storage cabinets where all the loptops, chargers, headsets, mouse, and other office supplies are in stored.

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Re: I7TH of October 2018

Post by owen » Wed Oct 17, 2018 6:22 pm

Yesterday's training session was our first day using Skype and I found it to be really effective, much better than anydesk. However there were some drawbacks with
the first being audio feedback (squealing noise) and
the second being screen switching.

Audio feedback noise:
Being in such close proximity to one another requires everybody else mute their microphones so that there's only one person talking at a time. Actually this is common practice in group meetings so not too much of a draw back. Taking turns, muting and unmuting your microphones in a coordinated fashion successfully prevented audio feed back. Thanks everybody for understanding the coordination.

Screen switching:
When watching how to do something and then doing it requires you to switch screens from the Skype presentation to say for example the editor it kind of makes it difficult.
it would be better to be able to see the Skype screen presentation on a TV screen. That way you could just keep FBEdit open on your laptop and there would not be any need to switch back and forth between the screens.

So we will be purchasing a tv and that Android box Grace suggested.

Next training session:
We will try to use a combination of the TV and the headsets on Skype for audio. I will still share my screen with all 10 laptops but laptop number one will be connected to the Android box which will be connected to the TV.

Once we figure out what works best then shortly afterwards I will invite freebasic.net community members to participate in training.

Awesome job everybody.
May God bless you all.

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