19th October 2018

Sharing freeBASIC with the Philippines
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19th October 2018

Post by yajra1219 » Fri Oct 19, 2018 5:41 am

Blessed be the Day that the Lord has Made..

1.) Learn more about freeBASIC.
2.) Do some video of our 1 month accomplishments.
3.) Finalized ID and Letterhead Lay out
4.) Canvassing of TV for teaching purposes.
5.) Edit part 2 of the trainings
6.) downloading of the bible app on loptop #2.

1.)Sir Owen teach us more about freebasic.net thru skype.
2.) Letter head and ID Layout needs some revision
3.) already canvass a TV and android digibox for the office.
4.) bible apps is already installed on loptop # 2.
5.) Part 2 of the training video was still on editing process

Thank you Lord for this Day!!!

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