Saving and opening drawings

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Saving and opening drawings

Post by owen » Wed Oct 03, 2018 1:29 pm

Located in the top left corner of the app are the following buttons:
1. New Drawing
2. Open Drawing
3. Save Drawing
4. Save Drawing As

Save your drawings frequently.

FbCadCam drawings are saved in a .DXF file and a .DAT file. For example: if you save your first drawing and you save it as my-first-drawing then you can look in the folder and find a file called my-first-drawing.dxf. You should be able to find your DXF file located in the folder you chose to save it in.

The DAT file is always saved as ENTITIES.DAT and this file can found only in the same folder as fbcadcam.exe

What is the difference between the DXF file and the DAT file?
The DXF file can be opened with most other CAD programs such as autocad.
The DAT file is useful for other things that are specific to FbCadCam - Macro and also can be used in FreeBasic as well. I will post more about DAT file usage in the Macro section of this forum.

Opening a drawing is easy to do.
Just click the Open Drawing button and find your DXF file.

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