AUG. 02, 2019

Sharing freeBASIC with the Philippines
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AUG. 02, 2019

Post by jfiofficial » Sat Aug 03, 2019 6:45 am


-Put God First
-FbCadCam Contest (preparing to create our CAD Program using FreeBASIC)
-Make a Software online/offline to Generate Revenue
-Create a Game in FreeBASIC
-Build & Develop a Maslow CNC Machine.
-Build & create using Arduino
-Invite our Facebook Friends to like and know more about the FbCadCam page.
-Learn More About FreeBASIC Programming & GTK
-Help People to know more about FbCadCam


Today, we went to the workshop and we tested the new drill bits. We use the think wood for cutting and we cut it in the depth of -1 to -3 based on the Gcode properties in FbCadCam software.

We drew first the letter B with the centimeter size of 20. we use the drill bit of DIA-12.7 / R-6.3
next is we drew 3 straight lines both horizontal and Vertical with the size of 140cm we use the drill bit of DIA-12.7 / R-6.3 and 2nd test is DIA-6
next test we draw 3 circles and we use the depth from -0.75 to -3 in FbCadCam software.
please see pictures below.


We noticed that when we cut the biggest circle, the cut from the right bottom suddenly slides in the wrong direction. and we think that it's in the router bit and the small hole of the sled. see pictures below

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